Life Saving

Thalang Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The Life saving can reduce the current problems of drowning people and the rescuer. It is also a problem for the people near the water area or tourists that swim along the beach. It is for personal protection Weight and it is not exceeding 50 kg and not exceeding 100 meters.

Features and Benefits

Life saving can help people drowning more efficiently and faster than swimming.
To help people from drowning in case of emergency


# Name
1Mr.Anucha Salaemae(Cha)
2Mr.Dechkajorn Waeronchuktee
3Ms.Wiraya Janthawong


# Name
1Mr.Sonthaya Sairaya
2Mr. Alongkon kotkamta
3Mr. Phongsak Muenkhan
4Mr.Manop Phila
5Mr.William Smit
6Mr.Navavee Arhama