Nakhon Si weaving for Evening Dress from Jute Sack

Nakhon Si thammarat vocational college

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Nakhon Si Thammarat Weaving Style Cloth or Pha Yok Muang Nakhon is the outstanding handicraft of Nakhon SI Thammarat that has been conserved since ancient time. The government has promoted and supported the local weavers to produce local handicrafts by using leftover materials from domestic agriculture. As a result, this research project brought the fiber from jute sack to weave the cloth and was developed into a contemporary dress. It was decorated to be more attractive to make it suitable for marketing and to propagate to community.

Features and Benefits

To provide knowledge about the local craft that is the Pha Yok Muang Nakhon can make evening dress Nakhon si weaving for Evening Dress from Jute sack.Though the process of thinking between students, community and Muang Nakhon local wisdom. It’s the famous in Nakhon si thammarat. The community has more income and everybody is satisfied from Nakhon si weaving from Jute from sack and there are people who are interested in ordering to buying more.
1.The knowledge and understanding of the local community on the development of the new product to help the handicraft community to get more income
2.Producing an evening dress from jute sack and sharing it through the locals so it is widely known
3.The new product is made into a contemporary dress that will be marketable locally and can compete globally for export.


# Name
1Miss Penpisud Petkaew
2Mr.Wirasak Poonpanang
3Mis Malai Chukan
4Miss Joanna Lovely Orbita
5Mr. Puwadat Sarlai


# Name
1Miss Kanyawee Chaidate
2Miss Supatha Sittimas
3Miss Pimonwan Payayan
4Miss Pathcharaporn prangthong
5Mr Thirapat Panyapian
6Miss Janjira Khonseng
7Keson Maion