Mis-Waak mouthwash


# Name
1Mrs. Aseesa Mankakat
2Ms.JIraporn Paewpanchoo
3Ms.Patchadaporn Prommate


# Name
1Miss Thidachat Hanthale
2Miss. Khwanruthai Saetia
3Mr. Kampanat Bunmee
4Miss Supattra Chaipanha
5Miss Asreena ladum

Satun Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Mis-Waak mouthwash is new invented to create and got more value from product. In the generally they like use fluoride (potassium Nitrate Zinc Chloride) is the main component and has some Aromatherapy smell with alcohol. The purposes of this research were 1) to considered health safety for take Mis-Wak: it’s a kind of wood plant, which is plant to found in the middle past east center countries. 2) to study best qualities from Mis-Wak plant such as silica made white and bright teeth, tannin was wiped some bacteria on teeth and reduced gingivitis. 3) to keep some usefulness from Mis-Waak to adjust in mouthwash. The result of this research was average equally 4.46 satisfied of Mis-Waak mouthwash which didn’t have alcohol in it.

Features and Benefits

- Kills bacteria between teeth
- Control mouth ulcers
- maintain mouth hygiene
- Freshens breath
New invention was produced for consumers get good oral health refers to health of teeth and gum as well. The Mis waak plant wood can be killed some bacteria.
Natural plant wood and give stronger teeth for a healthier mouth, to help protect against acid erosion and also help protect against tooth decay. It has certificate from ADCET Center Prince of Songkla University no. 2342-2550