Pak Panang Crispy Noodles


# Name
1Mrs. Nutchanat Hanumas
2Mrs. Orana Banjay
3Miss Duangkamon Lamtumluk
4Miss Putaphorn Tantisuttivet
5Miss Kathy Joy Sentina


# Name
1Miss Wiparat Klingklai
2Mr. Panupong Sangkama
3Miss Natchaya Chansiri
4Miss Sirilak Ponkwamdee
5Mr. Parintorn Aramchote
6Mr.Teerapat Boontate

Nakhon Si thammarat vocational college

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


There are a lof of popular and well-known food In Pak Panang, Nakhon Si Thammarat since the ancient time. Pak Pannanang Crispy Thai Noodles is one of the most famous.Nowadays, western culture of eating has come to Thai people. The team of research has got new idea to develop the crispy noodles by using the original recipe and add new twist to the traditional crispy noodles .This is also to promote and preserve the culture of crispy Thai noodles of Pakpanang .In addition , We also innovate new ways on how to make the noodles stay longer than it’s normal life span.

Features and Benefits

To enhance the product and to give alternate creative ways on how to cook the traditional Thai noodles.
We prefer to use Rice Vermicelli for the noodles than the medium rice noodle because this noodles is thin and round which is very ideal to make the crispy Thai noodles and it can easily absorb all the ingredients which makes the noodles taste more delicate and will last longer than the traditional Thai noodles .
We also created a new image of this crispy noodles which is to roll it like a mini balls that is fun to eat because it’s a bite size snack than the original Thai noodles which we usually garnish in the plate and use fork to eat it.
The noodles taste more delicate and will last longer than the traditional Thai noodles .