The spot electrical herbal Compact


# Name
1Mrs. Thanunya Songkong
2Mr. Rattapong Junkong
3MissNarue-mon Rattanaphan


# Name
1Miss.Janjira Bancheun
2Miss. Apantree Khunpitak
3Mr.Tataruk Tanuyaapinun
4Mr.Adsadawut Kaenbun
5Miss. Wantanee Thongsom
6Mr. Sirisak Rattanaphan
7Mr. Warawut Decha

Thungsong Technical college

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Because of the high technology to relieve body pain by using the herbal medicine. Traditional herbal medicine is the most famous to use in illnesses. We have heard that the herbal balls were be taken in medical profession, especially Thai traditional medicine in the name of Phaet Phaen Thai, nowadays we cannot refuse that people suffer from body aches. If you would like to buy or to cure body aches, you need to go to the pharmacy or to the hospital. Sure, it’s a waste of time. Before using it different kinds of medicines you must prepare many things. That is the reason, why do we must study this research.

Features and Benefits

1. Easy to carry and store
2. Electric heating is wizard, have back up batteries.
3. Can be sold in pharmacy stores.
4. Make money and careers within the household as the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.
1. Muscle relaxant.
2. Relieve body aches.
3. Lower stress
4. Helps blood circulation