The material for over weight carry chair


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1Mr.Niphatphong Boonmalaiสามัญ
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1Mr. Kittipong Thaboonปวส.
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3Miss Waraporn Rumpaiปวส.
4Mr. Panupong Peankasikumปวส.


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The obesity causes of food habits. As for that case, those people maybe eat more high calories of food than their body need. The food consumption habits by eating fast food or buffet may cause them are overweight and ailments. For those people who could get an accident in daily life, for example sitting on the plastic chair in the restaurants or somewhere, the chair maybe broken down and they maybe get hurt. The material for overweight carry chair can answer the needs for the overweight people as supporting the plastic chair when they sit on. So, they feel safe and confident with our product. Moreover, it is portable and you can keep it in the car. Besides, it prompts to use it whenever you like.

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The material for over weight carry chair .It is invented for overweight person and it is safety and better than normal plastic chair So these material make user fell safety and have confident to sit plastic chair and easy for carry on the anywhere or in car.