Natural Flower Pot


# Name
1Miss Apichaya Kunacheewa


# Name
1Miss Mintra Chunsaitanaporn
2Mr.Thanawat Nasawaeng

lamphun college of agriculture and technology

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The study of natural flower pot project is first study of the procedure natural flower pot. However the authors study about the suitable ratio from natural with mucilage that the authors use to make natural flower pot. And the authors study about appearance tough from natural flower pot. Keyword 1. Flower pot 2. Natural material 3. Dry leaf 4. Hay 5. Spathe 6. Recycle paper

Features and Benefits

Natural Flower Pot can reduce the number who use plastic flower pot.
Natural Flower Pot is good for nature.Natural Flower Pot reduce plastic pot.Natural flower pot help the agriculture save money