Multi purpose Chair


# Name
1Mr.Kantamet Suthithariphong
2Miss.Kruaewan Seanmuaengma
3Miss. Teerarat Chuensirikulchai
4Miss. Methaka kreuakumkhao


# Name
1Miss Ruttikan Nitisage
2Mr.Yosowa Totsagorn

Chiang Mai Vocational College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Garbage is a current global concern because it can lead to environmental problem and changing of ecological system. Most of garbage were from the rapid growth of economy and industry, and the increasing of population. Therefore, it need to be solved urgently.In this study, leftover tire and remnant of cloth were used to innovate the multi-purpose chair. After innovating and examine the multi-purpose chair, this innovated chair could be used as an affordable and comfortable and multi-purpose furniture warehouse. From the research, it can be concluded that this multi-purpose chair can reuse and revalue the leftover materials, leading to the reduction of garbage and environmental preservation.

Features and Benefits

The multi - purpose chair was made from reused material such as leftover car tire and shred. These reused material can be innovated to be a chair which effectively used as furniture. It can support weight more than 180 kg and has space for storage.
Multi-purpose chair can be established.
Multi-purpose chair can reuse and revalue the leftover materials.