Multi purpose Chair


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Garbage is a major problem and also need to be destroyed urgently. The environment problems are influence to ecological system changes. These problems cause from the growth of economy, industry including the increasing of population. So there is an idea to use the car tire degradation and clout applying as the multi - purpose chair. This creating idea can be valuable to these reused materials and also benefit for environmental protection

ประโยชน์ / คุณลักษณะ

The multi - purpose chair is made from reused material such as car tire degradation and clout. These reused material can be applied as a chair called the material. It can hold more than 150 kg. of weighting and also keep things into it.


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล แผนก / ฝ่าย
1Mr.Kantamet Suthithariphongสามัญ
2Ms.Kruaewan Seanmuaengmaคหกรรม
3Miss. Teerarat Chuensirikulchaiพาณิชยกรรม/บริหารธุรกิจ
4Miss. Mathaka kreuakumkhaoพาณิชยกรรม/บริหารธุรกิจ


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล ระดับหลักสูตร
1Miss. Khamloo Lungjamปวช.
2Miss Ruttikan Nitisageปวช.
3Miss Nitchakarn Pujamปวช.
4Mr.Yosowa Totsagornปวส.