Washing Machine QR Code Payment System


# Name
1Miss Putima Konnai
2Mr. Tarathep Maneedang
3Mr. Rittigrai Boonjaroen


# Name
1Mr. Korn Samma
2Mr. Supakorn Charamat

Science Based Technology Vocational College(Chonburi)

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Coin washing machine has a lot of problem because most of the the washing machine are install at the outside of the building so this will causes a lot of problem such as stealing coins or use a fake coins like paper that can be damage the machine.So we have an idea to end all of this problem by using our "QR Code Washing Machine Payment System" and this invention also respond to policy of "Thailand 4.0" because we can use this machine by electronic banking system.

Features and Benefits

QR Code Washing Machine Payment System can control multiple machine and the washing machine will work when the payment is complete.
QR Code Washing Machine Payment System can facilitate for user and protect from the thief.