Ethylene absorbent paper from leaves

Maewong Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The researchers found that the jasmine flowers have a high price, rare and fast bloom so, they are study on how to prevent ethylene synthesis in jasmine by processing the ethylene absorbent paper from leaves containing 1% potassium permanganate 1% calcium carbonate and 0.1% charcoal powder. After, research found that the jasmine does not bloom, petals and the fragrance of jasmine. The results of the study on the satisfaction of users of ethylene absorbent paper products. It was found that the overall level was very satisfactory. Mean values were 4.32 and S.D. = 0.58, which corresponded to the set objectives and hypothesis

Features and Benefits

Help to extend the shelf life of jasmine
1. Paper products that absorb ethylene from leaves can inhibit the synthesis of ethylene.
2. Knowledge transfer to the community.
3. Product is not toxic to the environment and does not affect the smell of jasmine.
4. Transportation safe.


# Name
1Miss Wanida Krudthanuchat
2Miss Wachiraporn Klawkarnthai
3Miss Watchara Jantasee
4Mrs. Suchittra Boonna
5Ms.Pongsakron Wongtai


# Name
1Mr.Phakin Chennok
2Miss.Chulita Jannaruekul
3Miss. Anonglak Janthawong
4Miss. Atchariyaporn Khomon