Intelligent mirror

Lampang Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The intelligent mirror is one of many products which came from the idea of IOT (Internet of Things). The internet of things is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity which enables these things to connect collect and exchange data. The results reveal that the mirror is capable of exchanging data by using Raspberry Pi board such as the clock, calendar, weather, news, and social media notifications. The mirror can use on daylight and needs a power supply about 12.5 watts.

Features and Benefits

Dimension of intelligent mirror is 45 x 69 x 4 cm. There are two main components such as a display screen and body. The display screen is a monitor which is embedded in a two-way mirror. Then, the body is covered with a wooden frame. The function of the monitor is to display the data including weather, time, calendar and notifications. Speaker will be used for playing sound. Moreover, the program of the mirror can turn on automatically, after booting for 1-2 mins.
The intelligent mirror is a high-tech home decoration.


# Name
1Miss supawarat surakit
2Miss.Yodpradthana Samana
3Mrs. Pranee Sanasang
4Mrs. Kanpitcha Suwong
5Mrs. Soitong Supaleart


# Name
1Mr.Juanmanuel Gonzalezthongkam
2Mr.Parit Sayamara