App IOT Burapa V.2


Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research project is taking the NodeMCU (node. The MCU) is similar Arduino board which able to connect iFi and write program program with Arduino IDE as well as Arduino and which is very cheap and suitable board for those who begin to study or testing on Arduino IoT, electronic, or even the actual using application because it is affordable. Providers take to develop of having soil measurements. In order to run the water. In the present, the condition of the country has frequently changed, such as hot , rain, cold which is effecting to many types of plant such as if it rains too much, which caused the soil absorb water, which can make the root rot. which was the idea of creating App IOT Burapa V.2 which is an application to measure the temperature or the humidity of the soil and can control the water supplying to the trees.

Features and Benefits

Internet of Things Burapa be used to operate electrical equipment. Through tablet (Tablet) in order to have internet access on both sides. It shows the nature of the on-off electrical equipment in operation, such as fans turn off the lights in the house. It also prevents thieves to happen in the future because it will take action outside the home. This easy to use and works over wifi.
1. To facilitate the monitoring of the soil in your planting 2. Easy-to-work order by ordering via wifi 3. placenta can be used as a study on the functioning of the device over wifi device in the other four. Avoid a hazard


# Name
1Mrs.Walaipon Naremit
2MS.Supattra Maneesri


# Name
1Miss.Wannisa Chanhom
2Mr.Wachirawit Yingchoedngam