Automated greenhouse

Thai - Austrian Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


IoT is the abbreviation of Internet of thing it can be used as an application to connect devices and appliances from the household users to the mobile phone via internet. In order to be convenient and get the highest benefits to the automated greenhouse, the structure of this kind of greenhouse should be controlled via mobile phone or computers by using 2 NodeMCU as both receivers and transmitters. Firebase home automation system using NodeMCU as an IoT platform because firebase provides a quick way to keep sensory data collected at an external device. Beside these it can be also notification via Line application in every 30 minutes, include a water tank alert if less than 20%.

Features and Benefits

1. It can controls plant’s growth factors.
2. Uses can set up plant’s growth factors.
3. It can notify by Line Application in every 30 minutes
1. Can grow vegetables in limited areas.
2. It is convenient without watering.
3. The plant has been fully grown factors.


# Name
1Ms.Sayumphon Kumphan
2Mrs.Jintana Jindasri
3Pongpat Yomjinda


# Name
1Miss Natcha Moolsarn
2Alysia Brodie Cumming
3Miss.Warangcana Soysuwan