Semi Automatic Coconut Cutter Machine

Bangsaen Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The lid maker of a young coconut, this machine is small and easy to use. It was used for making a burning lid from a young coconut for the customers or before food processing. The machine used holesaw which attached with motor. When holesaw moves to the coconut, it will chop the coconut. This machine can cut the coconut for 3.5 - 7.5 centimeters. It has hole for putting a straw into it for 2.0 centimeters. This machine is 40 centimeters width, 40 centimeters length, and 80 centimeters height. This machine will help increasing value for the young coconut.

Features and Benefits

Use power supply 220 VAC 50Hz
To design the lid maker of a young coconut
To study the process of a young coconut machine
To increase the beaty and value to coconuts
The machine base is 40x40x80 cm. (width x length x height)
This machine will giveo the easiness to the users when they want to cut the coconut.


# Name
1Miss Jinjutha Pinitthanasarn
3Miss Oratai ketkaew


# Name
1Mr.Teerachote Yodthong
2Mr. Nontakan Matchaiken