Luangpratanratnikorn Industrial and Community College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objectives of this study on the physical therapy device were as follow 1. To study about the motor and the number of times for lifting legs. 2. To examine the appropriate angle for lifting legs. 3. To study about the duration times for detection by sensors 4. To study about the detection of coded sensors and simple sensors. 5. To study about the satisfaction of users. There were 5 experiments for this Junior Inventor Project.For the result of experiment 1. It was found that 20 volt motor can make the highest number of times.It is 34 times per minute. The result of experiment 2, It was examined that the appropriate angle is 46 degree. The result of experiment 3, It was found that the shortest duration time is 3 second and the longest duration time is 9 second.The result of experiment 4, It was examined that coded sensor is more effective than simple sensor. The result of experiment 5, It was found that most of levels of satisfaction are high and the highest.

Features and Benefits

The physical therapy device consists of 5 main parts. There are sensors, a seat, a motor, a rotary shaft and a drive shaft.
This innovation is the physical therapy device for Arthrosis patients.


# Name
1Mrs.Chalermporn Choosri
2Mrs.Panitkan Keawkomon
3Mrs.Kanlaya Rachalek.
4Mr. Budsornee Pengao


# Name
1Miss Chomploy Chansoongnern
2Miss Jiranan Suwannakha