Phuket pineapple core kimchi

Phuket Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Phuket has been declared by UNESCO to be a creative city in food science in 2015. And the food that people around the world agree that there are enzymes to help digest food namely kimchi. While pineapple in Phuket is a famous pineapple species that people only eat pineapple meat and then cut off the core.When the researcher learned how to make kimchi with Korean teachers, the idea was to increase the value of the pineapple core,which is intended to develop kimchi from Phuket pineapple core in 3 kinds of raw, medium raw and ripe. It was found that the 5 experts accepted the medium raw core, The most average values that is 7.70 points , 86% which is in a like very much level.To compare the quality of kimchi with white cabbage found that the different is Kimchi, have only pineapple core contains bromelain enzymes and to find consumer satisfaction, 100 consumers accepted Phuket pineapple kimchi which has an average score of 7.51points, 83% which is in a like very much level.

Features and Benefits

Phuket Pineapple Core Kimchi is a cuboid fermented food, with the main ingredients are chili, salt and taste of sourness,sweetness,salty,spicy,aroma and crisp with red and yellow color
It contains bromelain enzymes that can digest proteins and dextran sucrase enzymes that digest the starch,increase hormones, probiotic and help in the digestive system. As well as increasing the value of pineapple core to be processed products that are stored for a long time and distribution of business-oriented products as local products and increasing the choice for those who like healthy food.


# Name
1Mrs. Parina Rueanna
2Mrs. Akanit Netrachart


# Name
1Mr. Passakorn Matchika
2Miss Rainy Owen
3Mr. Baron Kanani