Infrared Water Heater


# Name
1Miss Watsana Phatthararungrot


# Name
1Miss Inthira Chan-udtha
2Miss Sunisa Yimlamai
3Miss Nattakamon Chakhonbundit

Banphaeo Industrial and Community Education College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research is experimental research, purpose to create and find effective use of Infrared Water Heater. To test satisfaction of the Infrared Water Heater and increase the safety of water heater users and can develop and operate it. Creating and Finding Infinite Water Heaters Based on the experimental results and hypotheses by examining the use of different types of stickers in the machine with 1 minute per degree are copper : 5 , brass : 3 and iron : 20. So we have concluded that the iron is the best heat. Conclusion the results of this experiment is a new infrared heating can be used instead of water heater. It’s normal and it’s more secure for users.

Features and Benefits

Infrared Water Heater can use instead of general heater and can work for a long time.
1. Save from circuit.
2. Make water in warm.
3. Easy to use.