Pure Candle Lily Tea


# Name
1Lanlalit Preechachan
2Frank Echu


# Name
1Mr.Nawapat Kritklao
2Thanakorn Pinthasiri
3Mr. Authawut Prammanasik

Trat Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Pure Candle Lily Tea, there are local plants in the area to study for benefits and properties. To study found that a plant that has a cold taste to dampen the throat, help to toxic the liver and phlegmatic line and coughing. The purposes of the subjects are three folds, to study the optimal conditions of tea leaves before processing, to study the sweetener added the tea, and to study consumer satisfaction tea.

Features and Benefits

Properties of herbal tea "Pure Candle Lily Tea"

Cure headache, Reduce hypertension, expectorate,

Cure Scurvy and cure Hematemesis
1. To know and understand the processing of tea products.
2. To develop and support processing of tea products and distributed under the college band.