Safe for Start


# Name
1Miss. Benjarat Tubtimsai
2Miss Naruemol Chantharasena
3Mr.Somchai Karom
4Miss. Sujeeporn Klansanit
5Mr.Noppadol Himarat


# Name
1Mr. Auttanun Santipaiboon
2Miss.Uma Joytongmoon

Bangkaewfa Industrial and Community Education College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Currently, most accident from motorcycle and many people don’t wear helmets. And cause death in motorcycle driving accident. So the creators thought about using the technology by incorporating the sensors into the helmet, the light sensor is attached to the motorcycle. The sensor that we install in a motorcycle is a light detector that the helmet detects the driver or the car owner needs to have a helmet with a predetermined box. If the helmet is light the sensor will then detect it will not work. Motorcycle will not be able to start. If there isn’t light, the helmet will be able to start the car before traveling to make the driver more secure.

Features and Benefits

Helmet uses light sensor to start the motorcycle. If don’t ware helmet, you can’t start.
1. Protect your head.
2. Follow the traffic rules.