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This research the objective for : Studies the satisfaction of women after childbirth. By the lying near an open fire for warmth as well as sanitation. The academic year 2016. The population in of this research were women after childbirth.- six weeks, Lived in Muang District, Yala Province. For The samples used in The study were woman after childbirth are normal total 10 people and health care by Thai traditional medicine were health care after childbirth - six weeks after birth By the lying near an open fire for warmth as well as sanitation. Lived in Muang District, Yala Province total 6 people from 2 village able to understand conversational counteract reading writing of Thai language and pleased participants. The researchers used questionnaires the study found. For studies were comments of respondents After the trial inventions the medical and occupational health The chair is suitable in light of the overall 4.15 average analyst item is found. Is most appropriate the initiative has a 4.53 average and very reasonable. A second is the size of the invention has an average 4.13 on the utilization averaged 4.28 aesthetic averaged 4.35 Strength averaged 3.86 on a business sells an average of 3.91, and the price is worth. average 3.96

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1. Students will gain the knowledge and skills of the scientific process recycled use.
2. Cultural Heritage to preserve the woman's neck using traditional medicine.
3. The knowledge gained can be applied in everyday life. With further development innovation
Commercial production.


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