Chiang Dao Vegetable Soup

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Chiang Dao Vegetable is highly nutritious vegetables in the north. Popular villagers bring soft shoots and young leaves. Of vegetables in Chiang Dao Eat fresh vegetables. Have a bit of bitter taste with spicy sauce. Fish curry And high levels of antioxidants. Nutritional value contains vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin A. It also contains minerals and other nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, fiber, protein, fat and carbohydrates. Medicinal properties in the north, leaves treatment fever and cold. gymnemic acid Research has shown that gymnemic acid in the leaves. Inhibits absorption and lowers blood sugar levels, which is used as a drug in patients with diabetes. Food is good for the elderly.

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Researchers have recognized the importance of vegetables. It has been applied as a semi-finished porridge. The nutritional value has been studied. Production of porridge, vegetables, semi-finished. It also creates a variety of consumer choices. It also has vegetables that have added to it. And it helps to bring the agricultural products to be processed as a way to make a career. This leads to commercial development, which adds value to agricultural products in the other.
1. Chiang Dao Vegetable Soup is acceptable to the consumer.
2. Chiang Dao Vegetable Soup Nutritious food It is the food for the elderly.
3. To add value to agricultural products OTOP And can be upgraded to OTOP products.


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล แผนก / ฝ่าย
1Mrs. Supattra Prompichai
2Mrs. Sakon suwannasuk
3Mr. Bodin Yodpradit
4Mr. Sawat Chompoon


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล ระดับหลักสูตร
1Miss Kanyawee Khanpia
2Miss Wimonsiri thongpim
3Mr. Likit Kamboon
4Miss Paritchaya fiakhuer
5Miss Tanika Khongsombud
6Miss Marika laenee
7Miss A-ber A-yee

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