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1Mrs.Jintana Jindasri
2Mr. Bhadeerath Nimsanao
3Mr. Kiatchai Katkaew
4Miss Pimonmas Ketchay
5Ms.Sayumphon Kumphan


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล ระดับหลักสูตร
1Miss Natcha Moolsarn
2Mr. Suphakorn Boongrasint
3Mr. Tuntikorn Kunlayanamit
4Mr. Somchai Naksin
5Mr. Thunyathon Charoenpron

Thai - Austrian Technical College

ประเภท : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The sun plays a vital role in our day to day life, So we have developed a solar tricycle especially for the elderly and handicapped people. In this paper we discuss how the solar tricycle will help to reduce the effort used by the elderly, disabled and handicapped person. When designing the Solar tricycle we had to analyze and consider the requirements of the elderly and handicapped people. Comfort is an important aspect. The main content of the tricycle is a Solar PV panel, Brushless PMDC motor, Charge controller and battery. This paper will discuss the main idea of this project, its design and to get a larger picture if what problems there are in current technologies, what I want to achieve and the area that will be covered in this project. This paper is divided into categories including project background to describe reasons to do this project, problem statement to understand area or weaknesses of existing technology, objective to realize what this project must achieve and the scope of this project’s to specify what will be used in the project.

ประโยชน์ / คุณลักษณะ

To develop a vehicle that is environmentally, friendly, cheap and renewable energy.
The Electrike is the perfect vehicle for the green economy as there is zero pollution. It is also perfect for the elderly because of the simple way it is powered by a using only one hand this moves it ideal for the handicapped and disabled too.

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