control mushroom growing by smartphone


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล แผนก / ฝ่าย
1Mr.Chonlapat Botmatraอุตสาหกรรม
2Mr. Kitithat Watkhoksungอุตสาหกรรม
3Mrs. Rujar Suwannasookอุตสาหกรรม
4Miss Praphitchaya Somsakอุตสาหกรรม
5Mr.Pongsakorn mitsridaสามัญ


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล ระดับหลักสูตร
1Ms.Nalin Titithammongkolปวช.
2Mr.Peerapat Choochomปวช.
3Ms.Darunee Sirimaปวช.
4Mr.Pichayakorn kongkoedปวช.
5Ms.Preeyapat Techananปวช.
6Ms.Parinyachat Phasitปวช.
7Mr.Paisan Siripongpanปวช.
8Ms.Nawapat Artparnklangปวช.
9Mr.Nattakron Thabtheeปวช.


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According to the policy of the Office of Vocational Education Commission,let the institute do the inventions of the new generation to create the students and inventors invent about invention.Use knowledge is science,mathematics,engineering and basic technic, Then we invented the invention is Control mushroom growing by phone because CHONG CAO mushroom or Cordyceps militaris is femush demanding plant in the market.Must be imported from abroad.We are aware of Thailand can grow Cordyceps militaris has own, it can save freight,but with the limitations of climate.

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Control mushroom growing by phone can control the temperature and humidity are the main factors of the growth of the Cordyceps militaris effectively through your smartphone every place.

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